If you have recently been sitting in jail after a DWI arrest and wondering what your next move should be, calling a local DWI lawyer is absolutely the best thing you could do. If this is your first offense, you really have no idea how this one night is going to affect your life for many years to come. Your lawyer can work to get the case lessened or possibly dismissed. It is impossible for you to possibly plan for all the trouble headed your way without proper representation. This one phone call could save you more than you might realize at this point.

The Potential Damage
The list of trouble you could be facing is huge, and without a professional DWI lawyer it could be worse than you would ever know. If anyone was injured due to your driving, if you destroyed property, or if this is a repeat offense, you might be spending some significant time in jail. While all these different variables play a huge role in how much time you will be incarcerated for, you have literally zero chance of convincing a judge to go lenient without the right representation in that courtroom. No amount of begging or pleading will convince a judge you deserve preferential treatment, especially if this judge has seen enough of these cases and is going to make an example of you. Your lawyer will try his best to plea bargain with the court to get those huge penalties and fines that you will be subjected to lessened.

If anyone was hurt due to your actions behind the wheel, expect to be sued by the other parties. This is not something you want to try and deal with by yourself, especially due to the complexities that surround DWI cases. Regardless if this was your first or fourth DWI offense, the judge will be suspending your license for the foreseeable future. If your living is dependent on your driving, you have a serious problem on your hand and will have to ask the court to consider giving you a hardship license. Your attorney can best present this offer to the court to get you the best possible result. Let your attorney analyze the case and make the best of this potentially nightmare scenario.

Considering Pleading Guilty?
Maybe you are embarrassed by your actions now that you are sober, and you simply want to plead guilty to try and make this all go away. Going to the court without the appropriate legal representation will be the biggest mistake you could ever make. There are hundreds of people each day who have committed the same, if not worse violations behind the wheel, who are getting lesser sentences and getting their lives back in order. It doesn’t make any sense to subject yourself to the maximum penalties for sake of trying to save legal fees or to simply do the right thing in your mind. You will lose more financially without legal help than the cost of the best local lawyer.

When you hire a local DWI lawyer, they understand what it takes to get the charges dropped or lessened. It takes a skilled attorney to be able to convince a judge that the DWI charge should be dropped to a reckless driving complaint. Without legal help you have zero chance of this happening, although it does in courts across the country each day where defendants have legal counsel. Your attorney can plea bargain in the right scenario, or they can sentence bargain if you are being charged with several major offenses at the same time. Agreeing to plead guilty on one charge could reduce the other charges significantly, lessening jail time, fines, and time your license is suspended.

The Case Unfolding
When you hire the local professional DWI lawyer, they will begin looking for cracks in the case that work in your favor. These circumstances range from defective testing equipment, police officer error, and inaccurate test results. If there is anything that does not show definitive proof of your guilt, rest assured that your attorney is going to get working on your case and uncover that evidence. This is the only chance you have of getting out from the onslaught of charges coming your way. You not only will have trouble accessing much of that information on your own, you do not have the training and experience to see something that is extremely obvious to a trained DWI attorney.

Once your lawyer begins compiling evidence, they can begin to put together the pieces of this puzzle going back to the minute you were arrested. Your attorney and his team will carefully analyze that video and listen closely to when your rights were read to you, how you were treated during the arrest, and the protocol used in determining what level of sobriety you were at during the arrest. Your lawyer will study the equipment that was used, how the results vary from other tests, how often this device provided false readings, and the skill level of the officer who acquired the test results. One small discrepancy with the way the results were gathered could impact your case significantly in your favor and reduce the charged being levied against you.

Hire the Right DWI Lawyer
Before you simply choose an attorney based on some actors in a commercial or radio advertisement, be sure to call and take advantage of the free initial consultation they offer. Here is your opportunity to sit with the lawyer who will be representing you and get a feel for how they conduct themselves in a court of law. Listen carefully to how they answer your questions, and feel free to inquire about their experience and results in cases similar to yours. This is your opportunity to get answers to the tough questions, and find out if this lawyer has what it takes to help you get through these challenging times. Selecting the right attorney is key to avoiding this terrible experience from ruining your life for years to come. http://www.attorneysreferralgroup.com/