Six Reasons Why You Need To Hire A DWI Lawyer

If you have been charged with a DWI in Dallas and are considering handling the case on your own, it’s time to reconsider that decision. A DWI is a serious charge that can impact your life in many ways, even when it is handled right. Through experience, qualified DWI attorneys have learned many different strategies that can make your case go better for you. Once you review these good reasons why you should hire a dallas dwi lawyer if charged in Dallas Tx, you will wonder why you ever thought about going it alone.

1. DWI attorneys have experience with these offenses.

If you were considering hiring any attorney for your case, do yourself a favor and hire one who specializes in this type of case. These cases are tried in criminal court and the repercussions of hiring an attorney with little experience in the field are daunting. Make sure that your legal representatives knows the ins and outs of defending this type of case in a Dallas courtroom.

2. Court appointed attorneys are generalists and don’t specialize in DWI law.

If you think you can’t afford a lawyer and decide to settle for the court provided attorney, the chances of getting an expert defender for your case are close to zero. Do what you have to do to raise the funds for your defense. Otherwise, you will pay for it down the line with larger fines, longer jail time, and more trouble keeping your license.

3. DWI attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of field sobriety tests and other pertinent issues in your case.

When your DWI lawyer is preparing for your case, they will get a copy of your results from your field sobriety tests. If there is a problem, their expert eyes will be sure to spot it. Why waste your time and money dealing with a lawyer who isn’t an expert in the area?

4. The court is prepared to handle your case, shouldn’t you be?

When you are charged with a DWI, the system is already in place to deal with your case. It is up to you to make the arrangements for yourself. Hiring competent representation means that you won’t wind up with larger fines or longer jail time because you made rookie mistakes that would have been caught if you had competent representation. You wouldn’t do surgery on your mom, so why would you try to defend yourself?

5. A DWI attorney will have a list of experts that can be called upon when necessary.

If your case goes to trial and your attorney needs expert testimony, it is much better to have representation from a lawyer who already knows the expert witnesses. In fact, when you hire an experienced attorney in Dallas for your case, they will frequently also know the judge, courtroom staff, and prosecutor. There is no way that this can hurt your case.

6. A good DWI attorney can argue to have your fines and jail time reduced.

When a guilty verdict is inevitable, you want an attorney by your side who can argue for reduced fines and jail time. If you work, you need someone who will make sure you are released to go to your job. Having someone at your side who has your best interests at heart is in your best interest.

Good DWI attorneys in Dallas understand the ins and outs of the law and will push the process through for you with your best interests in mind. Find one today so you wind up paying a heavier price later.

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