If you have recently been arrested under suspicion of being under the influence while driving, you already know how much trouble you could be in when you finally face the judge. Losing your license could be the least of your worries, and if you are not working with a local DWI Dallas attorney, you troubles could be much worse than you even realize at this point. Carefully consider the following information in helping you make that important decision about hiring the best attorney.

Just Make a Guilty Plea, Right?
While you might feel that you were guilty of driving under the influence and just want to accept your punishment, it doesn’t make sense to sit in jail for any period of time while others in the same situation did nothing more than community service. Your DWI Dallas attorney understands how to go over all the evidence in the case and look for the smallest details that could in fact convince a judge to go lenient on you. The end result could be that you spend less and have your license back sooner than you thought. Just because you admit your were driving under the influence does not make anyone in that court feel sorry for you, in fact the judge might want to make an example and throw the book at you.

Your local DWI attorney understands all the complexities in the law concerning this type of case. Even if you feel the only way to go here is plead guilty, your lawyer might be able to plead on your behalf and get the judge to drop the charges to a less serious offense. This is especially true when your BAC was very close to the legal limit. The closer you’re reading to the legal limit, the more options open up as to bargaining with the courts. Now your lawyer can focus on faulty equipment or plea bargain your case from a DWI to a reckless driving charge. Your lawyer also has extensive knowledge concerning sentence bargaining. Here your lawyer will explain how pleading guilty on your charge in one area could open you up to a lesser sentence in another. This is extremely helpful if this is a multiple offense or if there were injuries as a result of your driving.

The Eventual Punishment
If you have been arrested under suspicion of DWI, the judge has good reason to believe that you were in violation of the law and will be punished accordingly. Without the help of a local DWI Dallas attorney, you could face some of the following punishments. Loss of license for months or years, depending on the details of your arrest. If your employment is dependent on your ability to drive, you will most certainly suffer financially from this arrest. Without the ability to earn an income, you are going to feel the pain when the serious penalties and fines are due. These fines usually are substantial and hit you once a year for several years. If you are not working with an attorney, be prepared to be paying the full amount that the judge determines appropriate for your case.

In addition to the points on your license that also will cost you financially for years, you are going to most likely have to deal with increased insurance premiums. These higher premiums are only if that insurance company wants to carry you at this point, many will drop clients who have broken the law and become a serious risk on the highway. The biggest concern you should have is spending time in jail. Depending on all the details of your particular case, there could be some jail time in your immediate future. Your attorney will fight to get the charges reduced so you are not at risk of being wrecked financially while you are stuck sitting in a jail cell. A skilled DWI lawyer can analyze the evidence in your case and look for opportunities to present to the judge in your defense.

Studying the Evidence
As soon as you make the call to a DWI Dallas attorney, they will begin to construct your case by gathering some key pieces of evidence. The first thing they will do is contact the police department and get a hold of copies of the arrest video at the scene and the arresting process in the jail. It is absolutely imperative that your rights were read to you and that the police upheld those rights throughout the arrest procedure. Your lawyer will then get to work on the testing equipment that was used to determine your level of sobriety. Regardless what the numbers say, there are important protocol the arresting officer must follow when implementing these tests to civilians.

The attorney will analyze the model equipment used to determine if this particular device has ever provided false readings and if it has a history of doing so. Then your lawyer will find out if the arresting officer properly calibrated that device, how much experience they have doing so, and their record concerning not following these steps to the letter. One small mistake here could cause the numbers to be wrong, and open the door for the entire case being dismissed. Your attorney has seen these police officers in the court many times, so they know exactly where they can make inroads towards a dismissal and where they can simply try for charges being lessened.

Choose Your DWI Lawyer Carefully
Do not choose your DWI Dallas attorney based on an advertisement you saw or heard about their law firm. This is the time you need to roll up your sleeves and take advantage of the free initial consultation local law firms offer. This is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, but get some answers to a few key questions in particular. Be sure this law firm specializes in DWI cases, and that they have been doing so for many years in this area. Ask how many cases they have tried this year, the end result, and which lawyer will be representing you. From here you should be able to make a better educated decision as to the best attorney for your particular case.