The best Dallas DWI lawyer can provide you more than advice on dealing with your upcoming case. They will work tirelessly to represent you in a way that could result with you serving no jail time and getting your license reinstated. Now is the time to carefully consider which DUI lawyer you want representing you because this case could negatively impact you for many years to come otherwise.

Gathering the Important Evidence
While each case might be different, a Dallas DWI lawyer understands that they must work quickly to gather important evidence in the case before it disappears. Your attorney will be sure to gather all video tape from the police station and the police car, carefully examining it for any evidence that your rights were not fully upheld during the arrest process. During your arrest, the police office used equipment to come to the determination that you were over the limit. Your lawyer is going to dig deep to see if that particular machine was correctly calibrated by that officer before testing was conducted.

Your lawyer will also check the history of that particular device to see if it has given false readings since it has been in use. The arresting officer must have adequate experience using the testing equipment as well, all key factors that need to be carefully examined at length to see if anything occurred that could change the outcome of your case. Your attorney is going to try to find any piece of evidence they can use at the trial to try and persuade the judge to either drop or lessen your charges. It only takes one small discrepancy for your lawyer to have the leverage to reduce all charges.

The Charges for DUI
If the judge is going to make an example of you, he could throw the book at you and give you the maximum when it comes to the charges for DUI. Depending on how many times you have been arrested for DUI and if anyone suffered injuries, you could be spending a considerable amount of time in jail. With this type of case, you are going to be looking at a mountain of penalties and fines that could negatively impact you for years. The judge is certainly going to suspend your license, and if this is a repeat offense you might not be able to drive for many years. Your insurance company is either going to drop you as a customer or raise the premiums significantly if you are ever able to drive again and need insurance protection.

The biggest issue you will face here is the inability to drive to work or continue driving if that is your profession. Not being able to work will hurt you financially and leave you in a position to be unable to pay for your bills. If you have been convicted of DUI previously and you are going to request a temporary license for work only, the judge will most certainly deny that request. Your Dallas DWI lawyer is going to try to convince the judge you need to provide for your family by working, and offer to give them a reason why they should lessen the charge so you spend no time in jail and get back your license quickly.

Thinking of Pleading Guilty?
Perhaps you are resigned to the fact that you made a stupid mistake and you should have never gotten behind the wheel of that automobile and hit the highway. The fact you blew a .19 and were almost double the legal limit means you have no chance of getting those numbers down to where it could be considered a false reading. So you simply want to throw yourself at the mercy of the judge and just take your punishment so you can move on from this nightmare. Besides, you don’t want to make things worse by throwing away more money you don’t have on a lawyer. These are the exact thoughts many people have when they sober up and just want to do the right thing and move on. But this is not the way you should be thinking.

Why should you spend time in jail, pay thousands in fines, lose your license for years, when someone who did the exact same got a lesser sentence because they hired an attorney. You are not doing anyone any favors by pleading guilty and trying to move this along so it can be behind you. The judge is not going to commend you on taking your punishment, in fact, if there are several of these cases on the docket he could become agitated and make an example of you. Your lawyer understands this process and is a skilled technician when it comes to sentence bargaining. Your attorney will first try a plea bargain, to see if the charges can be reduced from DUI to reckless driving. Then the lawyer will try sentence bargaining, so you understand exactly what is at stake before you plead guilty.

Finding the Right DUI Lawyer
Now that you understand the importance in choosing a DUI attorney, you need to pick a lawyer that will give you the best chance to getting your charges lessened. Start by searching for a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases. These are extremely complex cases and require a skilled lawyer with several years experience. Take advantage of a free initial consultation so that you can ask all those questions that you have. Be sure to ask about their track record when it comes to these particular cases, and if this specific lawyer will be representing you at trial. If you are hurting for money, ask the lawyer about their charges and the payment plans available.

Be sure to get all the charges in writing before signing any documentation. Ask around for referrals, see if a friend or family member has used an attorney and gotten good results in their own case. Once you have decided on your lawyer, be sure that you provide them all the information that they request in a timely manner.